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UPDATED 2018-09-07

David Verboom


TopicDisaster Relief, Emergency Assistance, Healthcare, Support Services, Water Provision/Purification
People ServedChildren, Disaster/War Victims, Families/Married Couples, Men, Rural Poor, Unreached People Groups, Women
Location(s)Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Madagascar, Nepal, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria

Teen Quest Ministries

UPDATED 2018-09-07

Jason Allen, President

Fort Worth, TX

TopicCamps/Retreats, Counseling, Leadership Training
People ServedYouth
Location(s)Australia, Kenya, United States, Africa


UPDATED 2018-09-07

Justin Miller

Atlanta, GA

TopicBible/Theology Education, Counseling, Food Provision, Healthcare
People ServedBabies, Children, Families/Married Couples, HIV/AIDS
Location(s)Kenya, Tanzania

Young Life Greater San Antonio

UPDATED 2018-09-07

Laudir Lugo

San Antonio, TX

TopicDiscipleship, Evangelism, Urban Ministry
People ServedCollege Students, Youth
Location(s)United States

KinderFrogs School at TCU

UPDATED 2018-09-06

Marilyn Tolbert, Director of Lab Schools

Fort Worth, TX

TopicDisabilities, Education
People ServedChildren, Families/Married Couples, People with Disabilities
Location(s)United States

The Luminos Fund

UPDATED 2018-09-04

Caitlin Baron

Boston, MA

TopicAdvocacy & Public Policy, Education
People ServedChildren, Families/Married Couples, International Students
Location(s)Ethiopia, Lebanon, Liberia

La Fuente Centro de Salud Integral

UPDATED 2018-09-04

Nathan Wilson, M.D.

Cusco, PerĂº,

TopicDiscipleship, Healthcare
People ServedBabies, Children, College Students, Men, Sick People, Women

African Leadership And Reconciliation Ministries, Inc. (ALARM)

UPDATED 2018-09-04

Dr. Celestin Musekura, President

Dallas, TX

TopicDiscipleship, Leadership Training
People ServedChurch Leaders, Community Leaders, Disaster/War Victims, Orphans, Persecuted, Rural Poor, Widows
Location(s)Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda

One Child Matters

UPDATED 2018-08-31

Mark Pluimer

Colorado Springs, CO

TopicChild Sponsorship, Disaster Relief, Food Provision, Healthcare
People ServedChildren
Location(s)Bangladesh, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Haiti, Honduras, India, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Nepal, Nicaragua, Philippines, Zimbabwe

The Water Project

UPDATED 2018-08-31

Peter Chasse

Concord, NH

TopicCommunity Development, Water Provision/Purification
People ServedRural Poor
Location(s)Burkina Faso, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Middle East