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Church in Action

UPDATED 2019-05-20

Cris Zimmermann

Frankfurt am Main, Germany,

TopicChurch Planting, Discipleship, Evangelism, Human trafficking, Leadership Training
People ServedChildren, Disaster/War Victims, Muslims, Orphans, Sick People, Unreached People Groups

Navy SEAL Foundation

UPDATED 2019-05-20

Robin King

Virginia Beach, VA

TopicCamps/Retreats, Counseling, Disabilities, Education, Healthcare, Military, Vocational Training
People ServedFamilies/Married Couples, Soldiers/Veterans
Location(s)United States

ROD Ministries

UPDATED 2019-05-17

Dr. Jeffery Parker

Dallas, TX

TopicDiscipleship, Housing, Reconciliation, Vocational Training
People ServedPrisoners
Location(s)United States

Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation

UPDATED 2019-05-17

Yung Lie, PhD

New York, NY

TopicMedical Research, Research
People ServedOther, Sick People
Location(s)United States

East-West Ministries International

UPDATED 2019-05-17

Kurt Nelson, CEO

Plano, TX

TopicChurch, Church Planting, Evangelism, Leadership Training
People ServedBelievers, Church Leaders, Unevangelized, Unreached People Groups
Location(s)Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Georgia, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Morocco, Nepal, Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United States, Uzbekistan, Vietnam

Cinnamon Network International

UPDATED 2019-05-15

Matt Bird

Surrey, United Kingdom,

TopicChurch, Community Development
People ServedChurch Leaders
Location(s)South Africa, United Kingdom, United States

Charlotte Rescue Mission

UPDATED 2019-05-15

Tony Marciano

Charlotte, NC

TopicCharacter Development, Church, Counseling, Education, Emergency Assistance, Food Provision, Healthcare, Mentoring/Tutoring, Reconciliation, Rehabilitation/Rescue Mission, Support Services, Vocational Training
People ServedAbused, Children, Homeless/Disenfranchised, Men, Parents, Single Parents, Soldiers/Veterans, Substance Abusers, Women
Location(s)United States

Elam Ministries

UPDATED 2019-05-15

David Yeghnazar

Alpharetta, GA

TopicBible Translation/Distribution, Church Planting, Discipleship, Evangelism, Leadership Training, Media/Publishing, Mentoring/Tutoring
People ServedChurch Leaders, Families/Married Couples, Muslims, Persecuted, Unevangelized
Location(s)Georgia, Iran, Turkey, United Kingdom, Europe

The Bible Project

UPDATED 2019-05-15

Steve Atkinson

Portland, OR

TopicBible Translation/Distribution, Bible/Theology Education, Media/Publishing
People ServedBelievers, Families/Married Couples, Men, Women, Youth
Location(s)France, Germany, India, Mexico, Poland, Russia, United States

Star of Hope Mission

UPDATED 2019-05-15

Henry L. (Hank) Rush

Houston, TX

TopicDiscipleship, Emergency Assistance, Evangelism, Food Provision, Housing, Rehabilitation/Rescue Mission, Vocational Training
People ServedHomeless/Disenfranchised, Men, Substance Abusers, Unevangelized, Women
Location(s)United States