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Association for a More Just Society USA

UPDATED 2017-01-12

Rick Bandstra, Executive Director

Grand Rapids, MI

TopicHuman Rights, Justice
People ServedGangs, Homeless/Disenfranchised, Illiterate, Rural Poor, Urban Poor
Location(s)Honduras, United States

As Our Own

UPDATED 2017-01-12

Ralph S. Borde

Houston, TX

TopicCommunity Development
People ServedAbused, Business People, Children, Church Leaders, Orphans, Rural Poor, Women
Location(s)India, United States

Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence

UPDATED 2017-01-12

Allie Bones

Phoenix, AZ

TopicAdvocacy & Public Policy, Education, Justice, Legal Aid, Other, Research, Technical Assistance
People ServedAbused, Men, Other Organizations/Ministries, Women
Location(s)United States

Arab World Media

UPDATED 2017-01-12

Hugo Wolmarans, Director

Orlando, FL

TopicDiscipleship, Media/Publishing
People ServedMuslims
Location(s)Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Egypt, France, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Yemen

Antioch Ministries International

UPDATED 2017-01-12

Jimmy Seibert

Waco, TX

TopicDiscipleship, Evangelism
People ServedChildren, Church Leaders, College Students, Community Leaders, Families/Married Couples, Homeless/Disenfranchised, Men, Rural Poor, Single Parents, Substance Abusers, Unevangelized, Unreached People Groups, Urban Poor, Women, Youth
Location(s)Haiti, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Lebanon, Mongolia, Namibia, Portugal, Russia, Thailand, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States, Africa, North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Central Asia, Middle East, East Asia

Answers in Genesis

UPDATED 2017-01-12

Ken Ham

Petersburg, KY

TopicBible/Theology Education
People ServedBelievers, Children, Church Leaders, College Students, Families/Married Couples, Parents, Unevangelized
Location(s)Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Haiti, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Russia, United Kingdom, United States

Angels of America's Fallen

UPDATED 2017-01-12

Joe Lewis

Colorado Springs, CO

TopicArts/Culture, Athletics, Character Development, Child Sponsorship, Disabilities, Military
People ServedChildren, Soldiers/Veterans, Youth
Location(s)United States


UPDATED 2017-01-12

Michael J. Nyenhuis

Stamford, CT

TopicDisaster Relief, Healthcare
People ServedBabies, Disaster/War Victims, Sick People
Location(s)Afghanistan, Armenia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo, Liberia, Malawi, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine, United States, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Zimbabwe

American Refugee Committee

UPDATED 2017-01-12

Daniel Wordsworth

Minneapolis, MN

TopicDisaster Relief, Healthcare, Other
People ServedDisaster/War Victims
Location(s)Burma, Democratic Republic of Congo, Jordan, Pakistan, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Uganda

Alliance for Compassion and Education Development

UPDATED 2017-01-12

Jason Harper

Sacramento, CA

TopicAthletics, Community Development, Education, Mentoring/Tutoring, Microenterprise, Support Services, Vocational Training
People ServedYouth
Location(s)Dominican Republic, United States