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YMCA International Services, program of YMCA of Greater Houston

UPDATED 2018-12-20

Jeff Watkins

Houston, TX

TopicCounseling, Emergency Assistance, Food Provision, Healthcare, Human trafficking, Support Services, Vocational Training
People ServedChildren, Immigrants, Youth
Location(s)United States, Vietnam

LIfeHouse of Houston

UPDATED 2018-12-20

Sue Baumgarten

Houston, TX

TopicAdoption, Sanctity of Life, Vocational Training
People ServedBabies, Children, Single Parents, Women, Youth
Location(s)United States

All Nations Sports Academy

UPDATED 2018-12-20

Marcelo Galvao

Houston, TX

TopicAthletics, Camps/Retreats, Urban Ministry
People ServedChildren, Urban Poor, Youth
Location(s)Brazil, Panama, United States


UPDATED 2018-12-20

Diane Paddison

Dallas, TX

TopicCharacter Development, Leadership Training, Mentoring/Tutoring
People ServedBusiness People, Women
Location(s)Guatemala, United States

With Open Eyes Foundation

UPDATED 2018-12-19

Brad Hobbs

Charlotte, NC

TopicBible/Theology Education, Church Planting, Discipleship, Evangelism, Leadership Training
People ServedChurch Leaders, Missionaries, Unevangelized, Unreached People Groups
Location(s)Benin, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Nepal, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Vietnam

Vapor Ministries

UPDATED 2018-12-19

Micah McElveen

Sylacauga, AL

TopicAthletics, Community Development, Discipleship, Water Provision/Purification
People ServedChildren, Unevangelized, Unreached People Groups, Urban Poor, Youth
Location(s)Haiti, Kenya, Togo, United States

Room to Read

UPDATED 2018-12-19

Geetha Murali

San Francisco, CA

TopicCommunity Development, Education, Mentoring/Tutoring
People ServedChildren, Illiterate, Youth
Location(s)Bangladesh, Cambodia, Grenada, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Laos, Nepal, Rwanda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Vietnam, Zambia


UPDATED 2018-12-18

Dr. David Vanderpool

Nashville, TN

TopicEducation, Food Provision, Healthcare, Leadership Training, Vocational Training, Water Provision/Purification
People ServedBabies, Children, Families/Married Couples, Malnourished, Rural Poor, Women
Location(s)Haiti, United States

Children's Advocacy Center of Smith County

UPDATED 2018-12-18

Terri Smith

Tyler, TX

TopicCounseling, Domestic Violence
People ServedChildren
Location(s)United States

Mission Lazarus

UPDATED 2018-12-18

Jarrod Brown, President

Nashville, TN

TopicChurch, Church Planting, Discipleship, Economic Development, Education, Vocational Training
People ServedChildren, Malnourished, Rural Poor, Sick People, Youth
Location(s)Haiti, Honduras