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The Leadership Institute

UPDATED 2019-02-07

L. Paul Jensen, Ph.D.

Orange, CA

TopicBible Translation/Distribution, Leadership Training
People ServedChurch Leaders, Other Organizations/Ministries
Location(s)Afghanistan, Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Rwanda, Spain, Tanzania, Turkey, United States

Make-A-Wish Foundation of America

UPDATED 2019-02-07

Richard Davis

Phoenix, AZ

People ServedChildren, Sick People
Location(s)United States

Abraham Project

UPDATED 2019-02-07

Stephen Thomas, Sr.

Edinburg, TX

TopicAdoption, Counseling, Discipleship, Emergency Assistance, Orphan Care
People ServedBabies, Children, Families/Married Couples
Location(s)Costa Rica, Panama, Central America

National Day of Prayer Task Force

UPDATED 2019-02-06

Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd

Colorado Springs, CO

TopicChurch, Leadership Training, Prayer
People ServedBelievers, Church Leaders, Families/Married Couples, Men, Women
Location(s)United States

Yellowstone Academy

UPDATED 2019-02-06

Ryan Dolibois, Executive Director

Houston, TX

TopicEducation, Mentoring/Tutoring
People ServedChildren, Urban Poor, Youth
Location(s)United States

Attack Poverty

UPDATED 2019-02-06

Richard Logan

Stafford, TX

TopicCommunity Development, Disaster Relief, Education, Vocational Training
People ServedDisaster/War Victims, Urban Poor
Location(s)India, Uganda, United States, East Asia

Agape Development

UPDATED 2019-02-06

Kirk Craig

Houston, TX

TopicCommunity Development, Discipleship, Mentoring/Tutoring, Urban Ministry, Vocational Training
People ServedChildren, Urban Poor, Youth
Location(s)United States

Saving Moses

UPDATED 2019-02-05

Sarah Bowling

Centennial, CO

TopicCommunity Development, Education, Food Provision, Healthcare, Human trafficking
People ServedBabies, Families/Married Couples, Women
Location(s)Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo

Shepherds Baptist Ministries

UPDATED 2019-01-29

Mr. Tracy N Terrill

Union Grove, WI

TopicCamps/Retreats, Disabilities, Education, Vocational Training
People ServedMen, People with Disabilities, Women
Location(s)United States

Answers in Genesis

UPDATED 2019-01-29

Ken Ham

Petersburg, KY

TopicBible/Theology Education, Media/Publishing
People ServedBelievers, Children, Church Leaders, College Students, Families/Married Couples, Parents, Unevangelized
Location(s)Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Egypt, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Russia, United Kingdom, Europe, Latin America