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Dallas Theological Seminary

UPDATED 2017-11-17

Dr. Mark Bailey, President

Dallas, TX

TopicBible Translation/Distribution, Bible/Theology Education, Chaplaincy, Counseling, Evangelism, Leadership Training
People ServedChurch Leaders, International Students
Location(s)China, Guatemala, Hong Kong, United States

Voice of Hope Ministries

UPDATED 2017-11-17

Edward L. Franklin

Dallas, TX

TopicCharacter Development, Education, Mentoring/Tutoring
People ServedChildren, Youth
Location(s)United States

Birthmother Bridge Ministries

UPDATED 2017-11-17

Cristy Nash

Midland, TX

TopicCamps/Retreats, Counseling, Evangelism, Sanctity of Life
People ServedWomen
Location(s)United States

Bridges International (Program of CRU)

UPDATED 2017-11-17

Trae Vacek, Executive Director

Austin, TX

TopicEvangelism, Leadership Training
People ServedInternational Students
Location(s)Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States

Open Door Ministries

UPDATED 2017-11-17

David P. Warren

Denver, CO

TopicCommunity Development, Disabilities, Education, Support Services, Vocational Training
People ServedChildren, Homeless/Disenfranchised, Men, Substance Abusers, Urban Poor, Women
Location(s)United States

Springs Rescue Mission

UPDATED 2017-11-17

Larry Yonker

Colorado Springs, CO

TopicCounseling, Emergency Assistance, Food Provision, Healthcare, Housing, Rehabilitation/Rescue Mission, Vocational Training
People ServedFamilies/Married Couples, Homeless/Disenfranchised, Men, Substance Abusers, Women
Location(s)United States

Victory Temple Ministries

UPDATED 2017-11-16

Nick Panzera

Fort Worth, TX

TopicBible/Theology Education, Character Development, Church, Discipleship, Evangelism, Food Provision, Leadership Training, Prayer, Rehabilitation/Rescue Mission
People ServedBelievers, Children, Families/Married Couples, Gangs, Homeless/Disenfranchised, Men, Prisoners, Substance Abusers
Location(s)United States

Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center

UPDATED 2017-11-16

Gina J. Berg

Westminster, CO

TopicDisabilities, Education, Healthcare, Research
People ServedChildren, Families/Married Couples, Men, People with Disabilities, Women, Youth
Location(s)United States

Defy Ventures

UPDATED 2017-11-16

Catherine Hoke

New York, NY

TopicCharacter Development, Justice
People ServedMen, Prisoners, Women, Youth
Location(s)United States

YES Prep Public Schools

UPDATED 2017-11-15

Mark DiBella

Houston, TX

TopicCharacter Development, Education
People ServedYouth
Location(s)United States