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Updated 2017-02-24

Scott Wasserman

Kansas City, KS

TopicChild Sponsorship, Education
People ServedChildren, Families/Married Couples
Location(s)Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Tanzania, Uganda, Venezuela


Updated 2017-02-24

R. Larry Moyer

Dallas, TX

TopicBible Translation/Distribution, Evangelism
People ServedUnevangelized
Location(s)Albania, Bangladesh, Brazil, Burma, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Kenya, Liberia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa, South Sudan, Uganda, Ukraine, Vietnam

ScholarLeaders International

Updated 2017-02-16

Larry A. Smith

Lake Forest, IL

TopicBible/Theology Education, Education, Leadership Training
People ServedBelievers, Church Leaders, Community Leaders, Missionaries, Social Entrepreneurs
Location(s)Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe

Fellowship of Christian Athletes - Colorado

Updated 2017-02-10

Kevin Mark

Denver, CO

TopicAthletics, Community Development
People ServedYouth
Location(s)United States

Wichita Falls YMCA

Updated 2017-02-07

Brandon Brown

Wichita Falls, TX

TopicAthletics, Camps/Retreats, Character Development, Child Sponsorship, Community Development, Education, Urban Ministry
People ServedBabies, Believers, Children, Elderly, Families/Married Couples, Men, Minority Group, Parents, Single Parents, Unevangelized, Urban Poor, Women, Youth
Location(s)United States

VisionTrust International

Updated 2017-02-07

Matthew Storer

Colorado Springs, CO

TopicChild Sponsorship, Education, Food Provision, Healthcare, Orphan Care
People ServedChildren, Orphans
Location(s)Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Liberia, Malawi, Nepal, Peru, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Zimbabwe

My Refuge House

Updated 2017-02-07

Heather Bland

Arcadia, CA

TopicCounseling, Education, Healthcare, Human Rights, Human trafficking, Justice, Rehabilitation/Rescue Mission, Support Services
People ServedAbused

Third Millennium Ministries

Updated 2017-02-03

Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr.

Casselberry, FL

TopicBible/Theology Education, Leadership Training
People ServedChurch Leaders, International Students
Location(s)Australia, United States, Africa, Asia, Europe, Central America, South America, Middle East, North America

Mission of Yahweh

Updated 2017-02-03

Richard H. Hill Jr.

Houston, TX

TopicEducation, Rehabilitation/Rescue Mission, Support Services, Vocational Training
People ServedHomeless/Disenfranchised
Location(s)United States

RealOptions Pregnancy Medical Clinic

Updated 2017-01-31

Valerie Hill, Executive Director & CEO

San Jose, CA

TopicEducation, Sanctity of Life
People ServedWomen
Location(s)United States