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Intelligent Charitable Giving: New Way to Check Nonprofit Efficiency & Effectiveness

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Where can donors get answers to their questions about charity efficiency and effectiveness? Intelligent Philanthropy. Intelligent Philanthropy now publishes up-to-date answers to the most common questions donors ask.

    1. What is the impact?

    2. Growth in last 3 years?

    3. How is money spent?

    4. Is fundraising efficient?

No other online platform tackles all these important questions. Only Intelligent Philanthropy presents up-to-date nonprofit performance in one simple page. Intelligent Philanthropy still offers 160 data points about leadership, finances, strategy and impact via downloadable 2-page nonprofit Analytical Overviews for paid subscribers. However, donors who want the highlights without all the numbers and trend lines can now get what they want for free. Intelligent Philanthropy's 2013 release of nonprofit effectiveness and efficiency data finally makes it possible to give wisely without investing much time.
Simple Source for What Donors Want
We chose the new questions to answer based on studies of what donors want (like Money for Good). We present the answers online in a simple one-page charity performance profile (download screenshot of the charity profile). We populate the answers by working directly with charities.
Instead of relying on outdated data from 2-year old IRS tax forms (like Charity Navigator), Intelligent Philanthropy invests time gathering and updating nonprofit performance data every year. Since no one invests money in funds or companies based on 2-year old performance reports, we believe no one should consult outdated information when giving. It is easy to access efile tax forms for charities, but it isn’t easy to make informed giving decisions with that publicly available information. Although Intelligent Philanthropy doesn't have a million charities in the database, subscribers can get real-time efficiency and effectiveness data for any charity registered in the U.S. with a simple online request.
One Page Informs Your Charitable Donations
You can read the answers to our key performance questions in a matter of seconds. No fluff. No confusing formulas. No set of tabs or pages to click through without getting what you want.
Here is what you get on each free charity performance profile: 
Question Source Example

what is the impact?

Significant numerical result from charity's impact, key activity, or exemplary project Overview fields

15 million graduates since 2002

growth in last 3 years?

3-year growth rate in people served taken from data in our nonprofit Analytical Overview

-47% decline in clients served

how is money spent?

Total expenses from last FY on record is provided next to the total number of people served

$2,300,523 spent to serve 289,000 kids

is fundraising efficient?

Fundraising expenses from last FY divided by grant totals (excl. investments, GIK & fee revenue)

9 cents spent to raise $1.00

The Release Date
We officially released the best online source for nonprofit efficiency and effectiveness on August 8! We published 475 charity performance profiles for donors to consult for free! See sample charity performance profile below and put in your request for a charity of your choice.


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