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The Best Online Charity Evaluation Tool: Nonprofit Analytics

Do you want to know if you are supporting effective and efficient nonprofit organizations?  You can.  That is what the Nonprofit Analytics web platform is designed to do.  I've stopped blogging for the past 4 months to launch it as soon as we could.

I have been working on this project for almost 2 years with my coworkers at Excellence In Giving.  We have evaluated all other online resources for making smart giving decisions and determined that our platform will outperform all of them.  Nonprofit Analytics is more comprehensive than Charity Navigator and more up-to-date than Guidestar's information.  Nonprofit Analytics is a proven approach.  We have used the content of the platform as step #1 in our philanthropic analysis for the last 8 years as we advised on over $100 million worth of grants.

The Nonprofit Analytics platform provides a dynamic, searchable database of hundreds of nonprofit Analytical Overviews for U.S.-based 501(c)(3) organizations.  Each Analytical Overview is a succinct 2-page presentation of 120 critical data points about leadership, finances, sustainability, strategy, and impact.  In less than 5 minutes of analysis, you can know more about an organization's health and performance than any event, annual report, or other online service can provide.

The Nonprofit Analytics platform lets you search the database by topic, people served, nations served, leader, organization name, or HQ location.  You can find an organization working on a problem you want to solve and compare their effectiveness to other groups focused on the same issue.  The database grows based on requests from subscribers and constant submissions from new nonprofits.  It will now host my blog as it becomes the new online hub for philanthropic due diligence.

There is no other resource that outperforms Nonprofit Analytics in their ability to help you give confidently and wisely!  The release of the Nonprofit Analytics platform will do for philanthropy what Kayak did for online travel purchases and Consumer Reports did for shopping.  You will have the inside scoop on nonprofit performance and the ability to compare organizations to their peers.  The platform allows you to download, save, and print an unlimited number of Analytics with a one-year subscription.  So join now and get started giving wisely today!

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