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Mission Messiah

Led byJamie Berryhill
HQ inOdessa, TX


What is the impact?Through ZIP and WOW programs and outside activities, leadership, interns, and in-house residents are impacting 2,400 individuals monthly
Growth in last 3 years?3% decline in clients served
How is money spent?$1,007,048 spent last fiscal year to serve 29,100 people, and more are served through media
Is fundraising efficient?8ยข spent to raise $1


Team0 staff + 270 volunteers + board of 12
MissionTo provide a safe home environment and biblical discipleship, life skills and leadership training, to give women and children an opportunity for life change. Through our training programs (WOW and ZIP retail locations) we share our vision, story, and heart through our multimedia and television ministry
TopicCharacter Development, Community Development, Counseling, Discipleship, Domestic Violence, Food Provision, Housing, Leadership Training, Media/Publishing, Rehabilitation/Rescue Mission, Support Services, Vocational Training
People ServedAbused, Believers, Children, Substance Abusers, Unreached People Groups, Women
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