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Jerusalem Institute of Justice

Founded2004 by Calev Myers
Led byFlavia Sevald
HQ inJerusalem, Israel,


What is the impact?171 families successfully defended against Religious Discrimination since 2015, with just 18% of cases required to go to court, and only 16.5% of income goes to administrative costs with the rest going to programs
Growth in last 3 years?153% growth in clients served
How is money spent?$1,050,684 spent last fiscal year to serve 9,600 people
Is fundraising efficient?0ยข spent to raise $1


Team5 staff + 150 volunteers + board of 10
MissionTo Advance Human Rights, Civil Justice & Freedom of Religion, by Advocating in the Courts, Knesset, & Government, Academia, & Mainstream Media Forums in Israel & Across the Globe
TopicAdvocacy & Public Policy, Education, Human Rights, Human trafficking, Justice, Leadership Training, Legal Aid, Other, Persecution, Research
People ServedPersecuted
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