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NONPROFIT ANALYTICS (formerly Intelligent Philanthropy) educate and empower donors to evaluate the operational health and impact of nonprofits using 175 data points. All donors can now access the same nonprofit due diligence process used by family foundations giving millions each year.

Subscribers pay for access to analytics on 500+ nonprofits and the right to request new charity data. Excellence in Giving staff annually update nonprofit analytics in the database and fulfill subscriber requests. Evaluating nonprofit performance before giving directs more money to well-led, high-impact organizations.


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About Excellence in Giving

Excellence in Giving is a full-service philanthropic advisory firm designed to increase the joy of high-capacity donors through a personalized process of discovery, evaluation, participation, and celebration. Through the Excellence in Giving process, philanthropists are able to give confidently and maximize the impact of their philanthropy. We develop giving mission statements, screen grant requests, structure strategic grants, track post-grant impact, involve the 2nd and 3rd generations, and create a low-hassle, high-impact giving process for clients. This model provides superior value for clients as philanthropy advisors at Excellence in Giving partner with them to transform the burden of wealth into the joy of generosity.

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